How to use

Check out our video tutorial for a detailed instruction


Cool your globes

Intensify the effect of your FACIAL ICE GLOBES by storing them in the fridge or freezer. Alternatively, you can also put them in cool water before use.

From AM to PM

Use in the morning after your facial cleansing routine to vanish last night’s fatigue or in the evening to cool and calm down.

Use on bare, dry skin or combine with sheet masks or serum to help with product absorption.

We recommend using for about five minutes daily.

Massage from the inside out

Divide your face in half, symmetrically. Start with the FACIAL ICE GLOBES in the middle of the forehead, or next to the nose, and glide out, since you want to move any swelling away from the center of your face.

Use upward strokes

This will help to lift your skin. And remember to be gentle on your skin.