About us

The personification of an always vacation-starved girl could literally be me.

I remember when I was a child how excited I would get before summer holidays, because that would mean spending the holiday season at my grandparents on the Italian island Sardinia. I was the happiest when at the beach, soaking up the sun and eating lots and lots of ice cream.
And not much has changed since then. The ocean breeze, hot sand and a bikini are some of the few things I need to be happy. 

But as much as I love hot summers – when it comes to my beauty regimen there is nothing, I adore more than the cold.
Since handling melting ice cubes is not the handiest way to do cryo facials at home I searched for more convenient solutions to experience that icy sensation on my skin.

The result is a small collection of beauty essentials that help me to benefit from the radiant glow cold treatments give me.
And with ice ice beauty I want to share those icy beauty secrets with all of you.

Founder of ice ice beauty