“People protect what they love.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau
For our founder Laura this is especially the case for the ocean. This is why 1€ per order is donated to an initiative sustaining our seas. 

ice ice beauty is committed to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible. 
Like anything, this is not about being perfect, but about progress and moving forward in the right direction and we aim to be as transparent as possible about our approach. 


Eventough we manufacture the FACIAL ICE GLOBES overseas, we did not want to compromise on an eco-friendly import to our German warehouse. The fastest solution, no doubt, would be to use air freight to transport the goods to Germany. However, this transport mode is the least eco-friendly and thus not feasible to us.

This is why, despite the long transit time, our goods are imported by train. A rail-based transport solution is the best option in terms of sustainaibility and thus, worth to us.


We ship your package with either DHL GoGreen or GLS KlimaProtect, a carbon-neutral shipping service that helps to combat climate change by offsetting emissions from the transportation of all shipments through recognized climate protection projects.


Our outerboxes are designed with lots of love and we believe they are so beautiful, you will keep them to store your FACIAL ICE GLOBES or re-use them as gift box.

The instructions on how to use your FACIAL ICE GLOBES are printed on the bottom of the box and for any additional tips or for instructions, you can scan the QR code on the box to be directed to our video tutorials.

This approach helps us to avoid having to print any leaflets. In addition, we do without Thank You Cards. Believe us, we express our gratitude to you, our consumer, even more by doing so, since this makes us working together to create a greener world.

In addition, our beautiful outerboxes are licensed by The Green Dot (German: Der Grüne Punkt), which is a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods.


Our shipping boxes are kept very simple. Since they are only used for transport reasons we avoid any non-needed waste. Instead of plastic adhesive tape we use self-adhesive cardboard.

You won’t find any plastic air pillows or bubble wrap here. The box, as well as the filling material consists of 100% recycled paper.


Free shipping is not free. It comes at environmental costs. The reason: free shipping encourages people to spend more than they normally would. If a potential customer is undecided about an item, they are more likely to purchase if free shipping is offered. But this also means they are more likely to send it back!

We relinquish generating sales this way.
But we do offer free shipping on purchases above 75€. This is thought as little bonus for consumers purchasing ice ice beauty products not only for themselves, but also for a friend, family member or colleague.

Grouping orders is one of the most effective means to ship environmental-friendly.